Challenge #02790-G233: One Star to Hang Hope On

The company existed for many centuries (even before the shattering!). They call themselves Michelin and their well know guide the “Michelin Guide” (a bit on the nose but ok). They expanded their assets across the galaxy, although they have many humans in the company due to the fact that humans can consume nearly anything presented to them, they are some other cognitive species that work as Inspectors, each has been trained and tested to create extensive reports of the courses that are given to them. Wondering if is it enough to give the restaurant a star. -- Anon Guest

There is no longer one Michelin Guide. The Universe is too big and diverse for just one. There's one each for every level of Havenworlder, since it's very bad form to accidentally kill either inspector or a guest who has used said guide. There's a separate set for Deathworlders because some of them want to go looking for new and interesting poisons to try.

Deathworlders are just like that. The greater corpus of the Galactic Alliance has merely surrendered to their peculiarities and let them chase their increasingly bizarre joys. It's not entirely unheard of to hear a Ships' Human say something like, "The Michelin Guide says that they serve a curry here that almost burned their tongue off. I have got to try some!"

Then there's the guides for everyone else. They are incredibly detailed, as there are numerous ingredients or chemical compounds that many are sensitive to. The phrase, "one being's medicine is another's poison," has ever been apt when working for Michelin.

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