Challenge #02699-G142: Self Helping?

Empathy, Copying and sharing Emotions.

Even 2-Year old Humans can do that.

So, how do they react, when they met a crying Havenworlder who lost his Travelgroup on Earth? -- Mike

Xu wasn't lost. Not really. They could trace their way all the way back to the play gym that Ama had left them at for just a few minutes. What Xu was, was distracted. They were distracted because there was a bunny in armour looking lost and alone.

Not really a bunny, actually. They had long ears and fuzz, but they were also in an armoured suit. A livesuit. Xu had seen those in the holos. That meant that they needed protection. They needed a hero. Xu decided that they would have to do until they both found someone better.

The not-bunny in the livesuit had forward-facing eyes with weird pupils. They stopped where they were and held their hands up in a don't-hurt-me pose. Xu stopped and copied them. They couldn't speak much GalSimple, but maybe it was enough.

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