Challenge #02596-G039: Doing the Unthinkable

"I want to Break Free,

I want to Breeeeaaak free,


The Human, as a species renowned for their ability to improvise and thoroughly mess with the plans of many a pirate, had been confined to a specially designed clear polymer box. With small vents high in the roof of the structure, only the single access point and TWO guards stationed far enough away that noxious gasses and liquids emitted by the human would not be a danger to the pirates.

Thus it couldn't escape, and we knew it. IT knew it. so it sat, or paced in its confines, occasionally flailing about, its deadly appendages striking temporary poses of both defiance and submission. Wailing, not in Galstand, or even Galsimple, its weird, terrifying, beautiful and irritating all at once.

" I hear the train a-coming,

It's rolling round the bend"....

Oh no, its starting again! -- Adam From Darwin

The cell followed every letter of the law. Sanitation in the form of a one-person cleansing booth - check. Bedding in the form of a standard sleep niche - check. Nutritionally balanced food with all essential dietary requirements, check. Access to clean air, clean water, and a clean environment - check. The space was, to the milllidu[1] precisely the dimensions of a standard habitation unit for one person. The regulation air-recycling garden, though attached enough to recirculate the air, was the right size too. There were two guards, stationed outside, ready for any kind of emergency.

They had followed every single letter of the law. The walls were all transparent, so the prisoner could be supervised at all times. Cleaning was done by nanomachines. Companionship was in the form of a Skitty who was also provided the letter of basic care. Entertainment occurred as a series of restored archivaas material that was free for anyone to access. The viewer was one of those models that could not possibly be harmed, not even by throwing it into a star[2].

The letter didn't say a single thing about being able to control the entertainment, being able to communicate with the guards beyond obvious signs of distress, or having anything else to do once in there. It was day three and the Human trapped inside it had only recently stopped mouthing along with the documentary on spores, moulds, and fungus. They had also stopped trying to argue with the guards, though they had seemingly worked out that those guards could hear them.

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