Challenge #02438-F248: A Perfectly Normal Chip-shop Keeper

Too many of the one name so, Evans the milk, Evans the bread and Evans the dragon, nice man, doesn't play Rugby though. -- Anon Guest

There's always an Evans family in any given village in Wales. Often, there's more than one Evans family in any given location in Wales. It's a very popular surname. In order to distinguish Evanses apart, there are associated eke names. Additional surnames, sur-surnames if you will. You get names like Evans the Milk - the Evans who works as a milkman; Evans the Brick - the Evans who works as a bricklayer; Evans the Spark - the Evans who works as an electrician; and Evans the Drive - the Evans who works as a taxi driver.

You get a lot of that in Wales.

In the little mountainside town of Cilfachgorsaf-ddefaid there are so many Evanses that they have an Evans the Dragon. He works in a chip shop and is one of those people who've been there forever. Well. Just about everyone who lives there has been there all their lives, but... Evans the Dragon has somehow been there longer.

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