Challenge #02434-F244: For Dreams Behind Bars

Dimethyltryptamine, a "Class A" drug that is illegal across the world, but not in some country and states. An potent Psychedelic that can make you believe that you can warp reality. The funny thing is, it is created when we dream. -- Anon Guest

Dimethyltryptamine. Quite the mouthful when you're chasing that high. Some call it DMT, some call it God Complex. Some call it Dream, because it is literally the stuff that dreams are made of. The brain makes it naturally when we hallucinate in our sleep. Well. When most of us hallucinate in our sleep.

Did you know? A Human who can't dream suffers from long-term psychological impacts? I bet you didn't. I bet you're looking it up right now to call me out on my horseshit. You see, it's not widely studied because most Humans make DMT on their own and, though some claim they don't dream, they do. They just don't remember. It's the unfortunate few who literally can't make that chemical who suffer.

Also, just so you know - self-medicating for that is HELL for someone like me. First off, in order to get DMT legally, the government is all up in your business. Medical hoops have to be leaped through. Red tape has to be untangled. You need to acquire and keep updated five separate forms of ID... Ever since the greater forces of Science figured out how to make it artificially, it has been a heavily controlled substance. Which means that all you need to do to get it illegally is to go looking for a Sandman somewhere close to the nearest bodega.

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