Challenge #02418-F228: Smile For Me

There three main causes of most murders. "Anger" is one. -- Anon Guest

You know what really pisses me off? The phrase, "You're cute when you're mad." Like all that ever matters about me is the appeal I have to everyone around me. I'm cute. I'm adorable. I'm so pretty, haha, I shouldn't have negative feelings.

Bull. Hockey. I'm a human being, just like them. I have feelings, both positive and negative. I have wants and needs. I make choices... but the only ones that matter seem to be the ones that change how I look to the entire world. Too much makeup. Too little makeup. Comfortable clothes or sexy ones. Looking professional is looking like a high-end hooker. Too much heel. Too little heel. The right kind of hair. Go blonde. Get a perm. Don't get a perm. Maybe become a brunette. Do something about your weight, your skin tone, your nose...

I'm a person, but the rest of the world treats me like an object to be pretty or felt up or that my only purpose of existence is to be attractive, have babies, and preferably die after all the messy parts of child-raising are over. I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate all the people who endorse it. I hate the entire industry centred around putting me into the same mould as whatever vapid stereotype happens to be the leading example of what a woman is supposed to be. In brief, I hate this entire world. That's why I'm going to do my best to kill it.

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