Challenge #02410-F220: The Visionary

Personally I thought it was a ludicrous idea, but once again we have been shown to never doubt the power of a mad scientist with a blank chequebook. -- RecklessPrudence

I'm not crazy, as the song says, I'm just a little unwell. Actually, I'm not mad, either, just... vexed. Like the entire world has this illogic to it that I just can not understand ever and it annoys the living snot out of me. Obviously, if we were not in mixed company, I would be using stronger words. Here, let me give you an example...

The primary reason they give for defunding NASA is this: "Why waste money on space that we could use to fix problems down on the surface?" Well and good... yet when rich people with more money than most nations start working on their own independent space program, they're suddenly bold visionaries with their hearts and minds on Humanity's greater good. The fact that they could also be using their vast fortunes to fix the problems at home seems to sail merrily over the heads of literally everyone.

Except for me. That's why I'm so cross. Pointing this out has done nothing and inventing a few things has helped a little... but in the end, what helped the most was becoming a billionaire myself. Make one cash-generating invention and the world is... well... anything you want, really. It doesn't have to be an oyster, because oysters are gross. They might be necessary for cleaning water, but they're gross to eat. Fight me. Anyway, I had a point to make...

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