Challenge #02128-E299: Pick Up Your Skirts and Walk Away

"Have fun with your crisis, I'm going to live among the goats." -- OohLookShiny

Leth had told them. She'd told them often. She'd told them so much that they mocked her for saying it, but she said it nonetheless.

"No good has ever come from making the rich richer and the poor poorer," she had said. Or, "In order for an economy to flourish, you have to give money to people who will spend it."

They didn't listen. They didn't listen because Leth wasn't one of them. They were the men in charge and she was just a lowly woman who talked too much[1] and had too many like-minded followers. Leth and her terrible regiments of women were openly mocked, called ugly, and generally derided. Until the war came.

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