Challenge #01986-E162: Inner Beautification

Yarn Bombing. Putting hand made yarn stuff in public places. Once done to stop authorities from removing much needed bus stop/shelter. Weird but true. Put your own spin on this. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I could not find any instance of yarn bombing as an avenue of protest. It's mostly a wasteful form of gentrified graffiti.]

As a child of the depression, Cynthia hated waste. She never got more than she needed in the first place, and did her utmost to make sure it got used to its fullest extent. She'd watch the world change around her from endorsing 'waste not, want not' to laughing at her frugal lifestyle to endorsing 'reduce, re-use, and recycle'. Which was basically 'waste not, want not' in another hat.

And she watched as a group of alleged craftspeople covered a bus shelter in their knitting. Which was very wasteful. So she approached them and asked, "Why are you doing that?"

"We're getting rid of our SABLE and turning this eyesore into a work of art," said one of them. "It's called 'yarn bombing'. It's the latest thing."

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