Challenge #01938-E114: Shark Generosity

Temptation comes in many forms, 30% off for one. -- Knitnan

Sale season was something Shayde was used to happening during the new financial year. Something that this new age didn't have. What they had, instead, was tax season. Which lead to the tax season charity sales. Excess stock that the companies could no longer afford to store, was to be sold at a discount to those who could otherwise not afford it.

Shayde, who could afford anything she liked now-a-days, still cruised the shopfronts sprawled through the commercial sector of the Elemeno. Econo-tourism, she called it. And it was, as far as Rael could ascertain, an excuse for her to practice anti-pickpocketing.

Dip-pocketing, her latest invention from Human Insanity, was the practice of adding money to someone's wallet or holdings without them noticing. Spare change dropped in the purse. And artfully-crumpled note inserted in the back pocket, that sort of thing. Always just enough for some otherwise-impoverished soul to be able to afford something nice that they could not otherwise afford. Even when it was on sale.

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