Challenge #01935-E111: The Brat Who Would Be King

The modern 'royal' needs the stamina of a marathon runner, the patience of Job, the ability to be pleasant to the most boring bunch of Social Climbers and have a cast iron bladder. She must also be a Constitutional Law expert and a crack shot. The rest of you just have to put up with anyone who wins a popularity contest. -- Anon Guest

You may have heard the words, Nobles oblige, or, uneasy rests the head that wears a crown. These two phrases are symbiotic. The ruler on the throne has to be kind to those who support their lifestyle, or revolution with end their reign with a short, sharp shock. They also have to maintain certain standards, be a beacon to the people, and otherwise carry on as if they are not, in fact, a flawed human being who may or may not think it's funny to Dutch Oven their spouse[20].

Royalty is trained, almost from birth, to keep their private matters private. Thus, any leak of humanity in the common eye is the worst of scandals. Thus discouraged from human behaviour, royalty therefore avoids all traces of human behaviour for a minimum of half a generation.

Politicians, people who are elected based on their relatability, are known to start as human, as well as known to lie. Nobody expects much out of a politician. Which is why it is never a smart idea for any politician to grasp for a crown. But that never stopped Quinton Wynn.

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