Challenge #01794-D333: An Argument Against Paradise

"So... so... from your grand cosmic point of view, my entire life, from the moment I was born till the day I die, is... is just a bit of idle entertainment? My very existence, in the eyes of the gods... is just a... a bad joke?!"

"Well... actually - though I must note that's a terribly selfish and negative way to phrase things; it makes us all look quite callous and nasty, a rather rude thing on your part, you know - when you describe it that way... you're not exactly wrong in saying so." -- Anon Guest

I could only think of all the shitty things that had happened to me in my life. The horrible things people had done to me that could have plausibly had a laugh track along with it. The awful mishaps that would be played with a 'wah-wah-wah' trumpet. "Was I funny?" I asked.

The deity was still waffling, "I mean, there's different kinds of entertainment, you know. Edutainment, for instance. I can learn so much from-- Pardon?"

"Was I funny," it was not a question any more. It was an accusation. If I was going to Hell for challenging my God, I might as well go down fighting all the way. "Were you laughing? Was I your joke? Was I even a good one?"

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