Challenge #01699-D236: Everything You Can

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt. -- c/- Anon Guest

Improvisation goes well with inspired desperation, so it's said. Having been marooned on more than my fair share of asteroids, I can say it's a definite thing. Many a time, my arse has been saved by the ability to bodge up a life-pod out of wreckage and whatever the asteroid was made of.

And there was one time that I got eaten by some other far-scout's Hungry Caterpillar, but that's not this story. No. For a change, the world was quite comfortable and the habitat only mildly perturbing. Almost made me want to set up stakes, there. It had just about everything. Beautiful scenery. Plentiful edibles. Mostly-wonderful weather...

Unfortunately, it also had natives.

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