Challenge #01587-D126: Care Worn

it's made by hand, piece by piece, often with the recipient in mind, and often prayed over. -- Knitnan

Rael took some cumulative Standard months to realise that Shayde was winding him up. Apparently, in her version of reality, true friendship meant that there was a certain volume of light-hearted teasing between... alleged allies. Humans still did this. Hostile speech in a friendly manner between allies that knew that it was friendly. Slurs used freely between those who used to be slurred. And, especially amongst N'Ozzies, vile curses used as a friendly greeting.

With Shayde, it was, "Got yer travel blankie, then?" whenever they were packing for a rare journey.

"You know very well it is my travel suit," he would ice, before he realised that this was something of a bonding display. "It was made for me by my tutor and it is the first thing that was made strictly for me. With consideration for my needs. Which you still lack."

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