Challenge #01581-D120: Something For Everyone

There are some entertainments that have a guaranteed audience. If you can find the cast you will have an audience. Which explains why Swan Lake is such a regular item in ballet companies and why people dress up for Tristan and Isolde when they stage Wagner's ring cycle. -- Anon Guest

The more things change, they say, the more they remain the same. In five hundred years, one thing had stayed true. Soap opera. Some were so popular that one episode ran multiple times a day, just so that the world did not stop for half an hour. Interestingly, the daily replays only succeeded in making the dramas even more popular than ever.

Such is the case with All My Daughters, a drama that has, so far, spanned an even longer air time than Coronation Street[1]. Over the passing centuries, the entirely fictional Harmony Station has expanded to impossible dimensions in order to accommodate representatives of every species[2] in Galactic Society.

Those who follow it, follow it wholly. And those who never want to follow it have to at least tolerate it because, in the end, there's no real way to escape. Rael had since learned to nod and smile as Shayde ranted about the latest episode she'd caught and why certain executive decisions were either phenomenally stupid or pure genius. There was no middle ground.

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