Challenge #01548-D087: The Good Word

We all know "Abracadabra," or, "Hocus Pocus," and sometimes, "Just Like That! Just Like That!" Then of course there's, "Please," "Excuse Me," and, "Thank You," which might stop you getting hit by someone. -- Knitnan

There was one door in the Vault that had not been opened. The SPOEns had been at it for almost a year. And it wasn't often that Shayde took her Ambassadorial Yacht anywhere at all, because she didn't like to travel without Rael by her side. And Rael... didn't like to travel. This was obviously a special occasion.

The vault had a series of locks that only "a child of the 20th century" would be able to open. The SPOEns may know a lot of history and, for a change, be more than helpful... but Shayde had lived a part of it. Nobody else could know that time as intimately as she did. The particular lock required a live, human voice. And the answer to one question.

What is the magic word?

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