Challenge #01528-D067: World-threatening

What do they eat, anyway?

::snort:: Anything. They don't care. They're roaming, poisonous, armoured, Dark Magic-spawned garbage disposals. -- RecklessPrudence

"Dark Magic is extinct. It's been extinct for thousands of years," objected Thaldrik.

"And they've been around that long," said Maester Kadfel. "Possibly longer. It was their creation that lead to the uprising against Dark Magic and its subsequent elimination." She tapped the illustration. "For now, they seem content to remain in the calderas of Mount Seethe, and eat... whatever they find there. Alas, Dark Magic made them nigh indestructible. They've been living there and eating everything for some significant time."

Thaldrik considered this. "Isn't this a cautionary tale to make certain everyone stays clear of Mount Seethe? What proof is there that these..." he had another go at pronouncing the name, "Rav-in-ger-i... exist?"

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