Challenge #01440-C345: Trade Agreements

"Are you trying to seduce me!"

"That depends... is it working?" -- OohLookShiny

Zamree sighed. "Mx Frreep... I can see that your plumage is very pretty, but that's not the best way to found a long-term relationship."

"Is trade, is trade," sang Frreep. "Settle business, mate, raise eggs. For good of all."

Oh dear. "Mx Freep... we're incompatible species. The plumbing will not match. Secondly, my kind do not lay eggs. And third, I am life-bonded with another."

Frreep seemed greatly confused, but at least ze put his tail feathers back down. "Then how to finish trade?"

"Well... the -ah- traditional genetic trade is out of the question, obviously... Er. Does your kind mate for pleasure?"

"Frequently," crowed Frreep. "Much good. Strong chicks. And fun."

"Well. Perhaps if we sealed our deal with a mutually enjoyable activity that is not sex? Would that be amenable?"

Frreep cocked hir head from one side to the other. Ze groomed absently as ze thought. "Acknowledge tradition, yes. Satisfy social needs, yes. Is good. Agreed."

Zamree brought up the menu of entertainments available on this station. Since it was a crossroads station, there were many of them. The deal was almost done. Now for the tedious business of choosing an entertainment...

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