Challenge #01357-C262: Strange Encounters

"Why is there a man convulsing in the halls?"

"Don't worry, the king's men will see to him."

"That's... not what I asked," -- OohLookShiny

The new Ambassador for T'kerrrita was taking the Tour. Since it was between Ambassadorial Meets, the Tour was meant to acclimate them to the most amount of civilisations in the least amount of time. And, naturally, one of the stops was Amalgam Station, which always had a solid volume of Ambassadors at any given time.

Unfortunately... one of those Ambassadors was Shayde.

The guide, a human named Bob, had hoped to rush T'rrri through the main commercial concourse and thereby keep them distracted with enough shiny objects to choke a Bugblatter Beast. Alas, all those hopes were dashed because Murphy's Law decreed that the worst possible thing had to happen at the worst possible time.

Headphones were a must in Galactic Society. One cogniscent's entertainment was another's hateful tripe, after all. And personal eyescreens allowed anyone to watch whatever they liked in idle moments.

Only Shayde would sing, dance, and otherwise perform whilst entertaining herself.

And only Shayde would do it in the middle of the common commercial concourse.

"He wear no shoe shine, he got TOE JAM FOOTBALL, he got monkey finger, he shoot COCA COLA," Shayde sang. It was entirely possible that she knew everyone in the surrounding area could hear her. Just about everything she did was a performance. "He say 'I know you'," she pointed out a luckless passerby. "You know me' One thing I can tell you is you got to be free. COME TOGETHER! Ri-ight no-o-ow. Over me..."

Aaaand T'rrri had seen her. "Why that one convulsing, so?"

"Don't worry, security will see to her." Bob tried to hustle T'rrri away from the Scene. Already, her JOAT companion, Rael was covertly attempting to get her to please stop.

"Is not question of asking?"

Damnit. "That's Ambassador Shayde... she's one of those people that people write their rules around."

"Is she unwell?"

"No. She's like that all the time."

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