Challenge #01341-C246: Riders of the Apocollapse

The four Horsepersons of the Apocollapse(Not a typo), ride fourth and get in each other's way. -- Knitnan

[AN: It's officially 'apocollapse' now. It's a word that's long needed to happen]

"And now... we... um..." said Absentmindedness. "Wossname. Thing. It was on the tip of my tongue..."

"Ride?" suggested Mislaying.

"YEEHAW," Distraction gunned hir engine and raced off in the first direction that appealed to hir.

Two of the remaining three started their bikes.

"Shit," said Mislaying. "I lost my keys, hang on."

Clumsiness adjusted a rear-view mirror and accidentally pulled it off. "...fuck..."

Absentmindedness tried to look up Google Maps to get directions to their destination, but soon got lost down Clickhole.

Some minutes passed in relative quiet, until Distraction finally returned. "YOU GUUUUYYYYYYSSS... WE'RE SUPPOSED TO RIDE!"

Clumsiness, meanwhile, had stabbed themself with their own screwdriver in the process of attempting to reattach the mirror. " you know where we're going?"


Absentmindedness came up for air. "Huh?"

"Found them!" Mislaying cheered, waving the keys in the air. They were now minus one boot.


Mislaying looked down. "Oh fuck this..."

It's probably a good thing that they only ride metaphorically.

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