Challenge #01082-B350: Haunted Model

Being followed around by invisible things that only show up on camera - and are always pulling faces when you want a nice picture. -- Gallifreya

"Just... don't. Don't take my photo. You'll regret it."

"What? But you're gorgeous."

He sighed. "I attract photobombing ghosts. It gets... ugly."

"Have you tried a--"

"Every psychic I could find. I even stroll those psychic reader tables at the mall. None of them can see or sense them. It's... eeeh. It's not worth bothering about."

Ellie put her phone back into her pocket. "Do they turn up if you make a movie?"

"Yeah. They can't talk, but they're really good at pantomime. Rude pantomime."

"Bill? I just had an amazing idea."

Ellie set up a studio in her spare room. Video camera streaming to a screen they could both see. Charts for ASL all over the walls. And, just in case, a Ouija board and a glass. And a comfy chair for Bill.

The ghosts were all over the place at first. Being obnoxious and acting like any random goober in front of a news camera, but not in front of a microphone. Ellie let them get it out of their systems.

"Yes. We can see you. I'd like to try and communicate," she signed as she spoke, so they could get the idea. "Would someone like to tell us why you're all haunting Bill?"

The smoking grotesque slowly fingerspelled, We are unseen. He is seen. He is photographed and we are saved.

"Saved? Saved how?"

We are seen. We are known. We do not fade.

They didn't want to fade into nothing. Okay. This was progress. "There's things you've left undone, right?"


"What if we help you, so you can move on? And those who are waiting can let Bill take a few good photos for a change. Does that sound like a deal?"

Multiple thumb's up. Ellie high-fived Bill. They had something to do that would help.

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