Challenge #01008-B276: Draco Persistent

Always be yourself.

Unless you can be a Dragon.

Then be a Dragon. -- RecklessPrudence

The subject stood between two doors. Three, if one counted the one they'd just entered.

"The choice lies before you," said the oracle. "You can return to the world you once knew, to the self you once knew, and only remember your time here as a dream. You can transform, again, and fly with the dragons, and remember everything. Or... you can chose to retain the life you have here and now. Among us."

The being who had once been human contemplated all three doors. They stood staring at the portals for a long time.

But they ran for the dragon door. They all ran for the dragon door. Without fail. Some took seconds. Some took hours. Some took a few steps back so they could enter the dragon door even faster.

Only one spent a few days before they got bored and went for the dragons.

This one, a piratical-looking type whose hair had been transformed into serpents, said, "Yeah, I'll go back to where I came from, thanks."

"You don't want to be a dragon?" said the oracle.

A sharp grin. "I was already a dragon before I came here."

Of course he was. The oracle rolled her eyes. Once, just once, she'd like someone who actually re-evaluated their lives before proceeding.

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