Challenge #00949-B218: To Boldly Bed...

Turns out humans can interbreed with almost any cogniscient species and produce viable offspring. This breaks several laws of physics, logic, and basic biology. At this point the rest of the galaxy just throws its hand up in defeat and stops trying to figure out how they do the things they do.

[AN: I have had it since Amalgam’s inception that Humans can’t spread
their genes around the cosmos like that. Ergo, this has to be Star Trek]

Admiral Pavel Checkov took the roll before starting his lectures. This year, the F’s were taking up a majority of his time.

“Fitzkirk, Elaine,” a half-betazoid raised her hand. “Fitzkirk, Fukari,” a half-orion. “Fitzkirk, Glii,” a half-horta.

How the flying hell had his old captain managed that one?

that particular lecture (featuring a significant percentage of Fitzkirks) Pavel meandered over to the central offices for Starfleet
Medical and asked them how the fuck humans could breed with anything
capable of communicating lust.

Starfleet Medical had been working on it since the first dozen Fitzkirks turned up. And would continue to work on for centuries.

One of the universal anomalies, it seemed.

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