3:05 AM

Hello, debilitating tremula, my old friend.


Whelp. It’s 3AM now and no way in hell am I getting back to sleep. So I’m’a do as much writing as I can with extreme goddamn shaking happening in my extremities. All the better to take the rest of the day off IMO.

I’ll see what I can do about getting Beloved to do all the parental stuff because I am going to be fucking wrecked by PM.

And although my 1AM asthma attack is solved [party time at fuckoff o’clock :P] I still have this annoying sensation in my left sternal head muscle. It’s like someone’s pressing down along its entire length.

Don’t worry. There’s no pain. It’s just fucking annoying. I’ve already looked it up and everything I’ve read has “pain” in it. And since I’m not in pain, I must be okay. It’s probably just a spasming muscle and a nice, long, hot bath will solve everything. Or making friends with a wheat pillow.

Anyway. On with the day. VQ is releasing so I know it’s got to be good for that. Now all I need is for my advance copy to turn the fuck up.