Challenge #00937-B206: Living Proof

Another Humans Are Crazy point: most bright colours in the animal kingdom are for either a mating display or are a poison warning. The brighter the colours, the more likely it’s poison - see snakes and frogs, even compared to peacocks they are brighter (if less visually spectacular overall).

Most other animals, on seeing the fluorescent poison warning colours, are rightly horrified. 

Meanwhile, humans think they are pretty.

Of all the ambassadorial mistakes Harry could have made, this one pretty much topped the metaphorical cake. During one of the mandatory mingling exercises, She sidled up to the nervous Ambassador Q’vath and murmured, “I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but your colours are very pretty.”

“I AM WEARING TOXIC COLOURS! SELF IS NOT BEING TASTY!” Q’vath back-pedalled away from her as if she were a rabid predator. “STAY BACK, DEATHWORLDER!”

Harry immediately put her hands up in surrender position and stepped away. In retrospect, it was the hard way to learn that many in the Galactic Alliance still considered her species to be highly dangerous.

And she was very glad when the ambassadors from Amity turned up with positive proof that Havenworlders and Deathworlders could co-exist.

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