Challenge #00925-B194: The Feel When No Sex Life

Last one!

If you’ve already done them all, your challenge is to write a prequel to one of them

[AN: Last one, haimaee​ :3 ]

The social scene is really fucking awkward. So many of them expect so much of you and you never know who wants what until you’re rejected. And it hurts. It hurts worth than starving.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I really don’t. I come on strong and they run away. I try the gentle approach and they leave the club with someone else.

It’s like I’m invisible.

Or worse than scum.

Hi. My name is Kylie and I’ve been a succubus for three months.

If I was a guy, I could call myself ‘incel’ and have people to talk to about it. But no, I’m a girl. And that just makes me a ‘loser’.

I get bitter when I’m hungry.

And I am very hungry.

Yeah, you think being a succubus is fun, right? All the hookups you can eat? An absolute buffet of meaningless sex?


Try doing any of that when you’re like me. A little too chubby. A little too dark. A little too not-hourglass. A little too hairy. A little too nerdy, but never nerdy enough.

Even the pube-bearded trilby-wearing pick-up artists won’t fucking touch me. And I previously believed they were desperate.

No, seriously. It went like this:

Him: “You would look fantastic if you just dropped a few pounds.”
Me: “You’re absolutely right. You got any tips? I hear vigorous sex is a great fat-burner.”
Him: (Long, boggling stare) “You’re a creepy fucking slut.” (runs away)

And that’s the closest I ever got to eating properly.

And before you ask - no, I can’t just roam the streets waiting for someone to try raping me. I need actual lust, not a desire to “put me in my place”. I’ve tried it. It’s just not satisfying.

But the good news is, the rapist population of my area has hit rock bottom. There’s something about finding dead male husks drained of all life force, every single one with their dick out, that makes people think twice about raping.

Going to nerd cons in costume is not as effective as you might think. Especially the game cons. I get the nerd quiz to see if I’m a fake geek girl when most of the time these idiots wouldn’t know Duella Dent from Steampunk AU.

If I can’t answer their quiz, I’m a fake geek girl and get ostracised.

If I can ace it, I somehow just read that on a wiki to impress them and I’m still a fake geek girl.

If I know more than they do, I’m a fucking poser.

I can’t win.

Not even on OK Cupid. I don’t know. Maybe “Succubus seeks lust” is too forward.

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