Challenge #00922-B191: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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[AN: OK for future reference and my current incompetence, I’m using a checklist.

[ ] (In/Suc)cubus
[X] Siren
[X] Werewolf
[ ] Cursed animal
[X] Dragon
[X] Frog
[ ] Vampire

thank you for your patience with me. Oh, and haimaee? Here’s more]

He always came with the smell of smoke. Sharp and acrid. “Good morning, Princess.”

Emily automatically began making is Grande Soy Latte with a shot of chilli and three shots of caramel. “Is there any way I can convince you to quit the smokes? I don’t want to be treating your ass when I’m a doctor.”

“I promise, your highness, that I do not smoke and I have no plans to start.”

“Yeah? Really. You reek of smoke. Every day. Second-hand stuff is just as bad as the first-hand shit. Probably worse. I have graphs and icky photos to back me up on this.”

Tony laughed. “I have no doubt. But don’t worry. I’m fine.”

“Dude…” Emily began.

Tony looked around the shop. It was close to closing and nobody else was there. In a ripple of light, there was no longer a human standing in the shop and grinning, but a rather large green Dragon taking up a majority of the free space. “The only smoking I do is one hundred percent natural. I’m fine.”

And just like that, he was regular Tony again.

Emily handed over his coffee. “I’m guessing Dragons are fine with theobromine, too?”

“Dramn straight,” He gave her a 40% tip. “Though I should probably cut down on all the sugar. Thanks, Princess.”

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