Challenge #00915-B184: Wheeeeeeeeee!

Rolling down a hill is a valid use of your time.

Rael reached the top of the hill. There were not enough sweet treats in the human lexicon to pay for this much ‘just wanderin’ to his mind.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “We’ve reached the top of the hill. Now what?”

“We lie down,” said Shayde.

“For the last time, I am not engaging in extreme haptic communication with you.”

“I’m no’ askin’ ye to,” she said. “We lie down. Then we roll down.”

“…for what reason?” he prompted.

She was already down and propped herself back up on an elbow. “It’s fun, o’ course. Why else would ye do anythin’?”

“No,” he said. “This sounds too much like one of the old training tortures.”

“Ye can skid down on a carpet if that’s what’s botherin’ ye. I don’t mind. But I’m rollin’.”

“This is not a productive or valid use of time.”

“Pft. Says you. Ye need tae learn how tae have fun, ye ken. All work an’ no play leads tae Jack’s early grave an’ all.”

He sat, just to be on an eye-line with her. “I’m sure you’re mixing your metaphors.”

“I’m tryin’ tae make a point. You need fun in yer life. I’m startin’ wi’ th’ simple ones.”

“Fun,” he said, “doesn’t feed me.“

“There’s a greasy spoon down th’ lane at t’ bottom of the hill. They’ll deep fry anything ye got.”

Curse these humans and their capacity for unsuitable food. “Give me the powers-damned carpet.”

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