Challenge #00913-B182: The Challenge of Challenging

So capsaicin is dangerous, and even the species that can eat it recreationally recognise the effects as painful. Mint, on the other hand, even in high doses, causes no such thing. (L-Carvone (spearmint) at least appears totally harmless). Safe fun food for everyone?

Humans are insane. No other species makes a game out of painful ingredients in otherwise harmless things. No other species combines schadenfreude and friendship, and expects the friendship to continue.

And no other species can convince otherwise sane cogniscents that this is fun.

However, some things had to change…

“All right, so they made a safe version of a game about suicide.“

“Correct,” said the ambassador.

“Involving chocolate. And capsaicin.”

“Correct again.”

“And when they were introduced to Galactic Society, they made it safer for other species by swapping to mint.”

“Almost criminally strong levels of mint,“ corrected the ambassador.

“Which, although not deadly, is still enough to cause pain.”

“And they have supplied varying antidotes for the frail of tongue.”

“And they think this is fun?“


“Remind me again why they’re classed as mostly harmless?”

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