Challenge #00912-B181: Mama Hen-Bear

The adventures of Tyr’ip and her big scary bodyguard mother hens.

(does this make her technically the species ambassador? Not a galactic ambassador I guess since her people are already part of the community and if there was one for every species encounter there’d be billions of them but still)

[Galactic ambassadors generally stand for their native planet and, in the case of low-gravvers and nomadic ship-tribes, habitation construct.]

It had been quite the journey. The humans formed a walking wall, linking arms to keep it intact, to guard Tyr’ip from accidental jostling. The Curtedex had said her species was ‘comparatively fragile’ and the humans took this seriously.

The walking wall stopped, but this time they did not bristle. This time, they parted.

“You take your time,” said Tambry. “Get everything you need. We’ll wait.”

And they did. In a perfect semicircle. Arms interlocked and, she had to presume, faces grim against any stray passers-by.

The admittedly light foot traffic in the area veered around them. Tambry checked that Tyr’ip had everything and they closed the walking wall around them again.

Compared to her trip towards the central commercial area, this one was shockingly free of incidents, near incidents, and things that could have been an incident if they’d been allowed anywhere near her.

And the humans felt compelled to show off, in their own way. They showed her where to find the best buskers, where to obtain the best little treats, and took her along the scenic route through several Nae’hyn meditative temple-gardens.

By the time she re-joined Ko’rii, she was in a much better mood.

The humans remained their honour-guard throughout the evening.

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