Challenge #00905-B174: Easter Egg

The best kept secret of the jaegermonsters

Jaegermonsters hunt in packs. That much is self-evident. Jaegermonsters are not the brightest candles in the window. That, too, is self-evident.

Lord Palinquest thought he was being clever by separating the invading Jaeger pack in disparate cells in the middle of unique booby-traps in the labyrinth under his castle. He’d even tune in when he was bored to see how they were doing.

What he didn’t know, what none but the most observant of Sparks knew… was that a Jaeger alone eventually becomes… smart.

Only one made it out of the labyrinth to kill him. And by that time, the assembled torments of the maze had honed it into something… else.

The world’s first JaegerSpark.

Fortunately for the world, Lord Gruesh the First was soon overthrown by his own rabid hunting mimmoths.

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