Challenge #00888-B157: Station of Babel

Everybody panics in their own language.

This was where JOATs came into the fore. Electronic translators had
their limits, and one of the most prevalent of those limits was
breaching the Understanding Barrier.

Grammar is important. Especially in a panic situation.

Thus, in an emergency, the most level heads of the JOAT community come to the fore.

stood on one of the plinths, using her own passive magic to make herself understood to all listeners. “Please proceed in an orderly
fashion to the emergency transport. Keep all children with you at all
times. Unattended children will be cared for and may be adopted by
needful nurturers.” She waved people through, careful not to touch

She couldn’t tell, in an emergency, which citizens were more fragile than others.

the next plinth, just a few Standard Distance Units over, Rael was repeating her message in every language he knew. He’d been at it for
twenty minutes and had yet to come back to GalStand.

And once the
emergency was deal with, she’d have to report to Sherlock that she might
have been responsible for some idiot opening the door to The Glunk.

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