Challenge #00868-B137: Mistakes Were Made


The deathworlder’s attempts to apologise for the earlier incident and continue to express interest in the little havenworlder

This negotiation booth had a clear barrier between the Human called Bear and the Agamid called Ryll.

Both parties had a security detail and a negotiations counsellor.

“I’m very sorry,” said Bear. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Usually those lines get a big laugh.”

“Cogniphagia is humorous?” meeped Ryll in alarm.

“Uhhh…” said Bear.

“The human named Bear is referring to some recreational procreation activities native to his species,” informed the negotiations counsellor on Ryll’s side.

This earned the counsellor a slow and incredulous boggle.

“It’s true,” said Bear. “Females of my kind are amenable to friendly nibbling in sensitive areas.”

“Your teeth are sharp,” said Ryll. “My skin is not as strong as yours.”

“Yeah I wasn’t thinking it through,” admitted Bear. “I thought that since you were in the area, you’d already got the resistance to us.”

“You’re… aware?”

“I might be a bit slow, but I’m not ignorant,” Bear smiled, carefully keeping his sharp teeth out of view. “If you like, I can escort you through a series of cleared experiences.”

Ryll meeped again. So alarming. “I must… acclimate myself… to the concept,” she allowed.

Bear offered his contact details and a promise that he would not pursue her company.

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