Challenge #00864-B133: Versatility

string, 1001 uses.

“Um,” said Rael.

“What?” said Pix.

“It’s more than a
thousand and one,” he said, reaching slowly for a handbook datachip and
slotting it into his reader. “The uses for string pile into the
billions, if not quintillions. Of course, some of it is dependant on the
originating fibre and the definition of ‘string’.”

Pix glared at him. “I might not have enough funds for an infodump, sir.”

Ah. Right. People paid to hear information. He was still very much used to being tested. “Does it show that I’m fresh out of tutoring?” he readied a
few Seconds, just in case.

“Very blatantly. You’ll get over it.” She waved off the offer and got back to her own entertainments.

For Rael, fresh out of Hippo Mining Station and so figuratively green that he could sprout new leaves and become a hedge… the strangeness of
being a fully autonomous individual was just beginning.

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