Challenge #00848-B117: It Just Goes

About the EM Drive, a possible new space drive that no-one has a coherent theory on HOW it works, but as long as no mistakes have been made in the experiments, it seems that it does. …Somehow.

“Well, the future space programs will no longer need propellants. However, they should probably investigate this thoroughly, this looks like an accidental discovery of summoning…things. While using Cthulhu as a propellant sounds hilarious no one wants to know what happens after that. ”

[AN: The EM drive looks like a fascinating piece of technology
even though it is the physics equivalent of a beneficial glitch in the matrix. The part about Cthulu is pretty much spot on, too. Note, though,
that China has also previously claimed to have found live unicorns and injured dragons. A side-effect of using the device?]

All space
propulsion is dangerous. The propellant used in the original NASA
missions to the moon was renowned for eating the engine that used it.
The liquid hydrogen used for decades to wrench human and vessel from
terra firma has exploded mid-launch. More than once.

memorials remain in dedication to those who lost their lives to the
Plasma Drive and the attempts at building a Warp Core.

once the Artificial Gravity Drive was invented, the tetchyness of the
engines were renowned. More than once, a ship has succumbed to the
forces of the virtual gravity well that was supposed to pull their ship
towards its ultimate destination.

And then there’s the EM Drive.
Nobody can explain it because it violates the laws of physics.
Physicists have gone mad trying to explain why it works. One, who came
closer than any other before her, filled her journal with the words, “It
just goes!” before committing suicide.

The biggest downside of the EM Drive is, of course, the Unreality Field. It works because it
shouldn’t work, and the resultant catastrophe to the fabric of reality -
though undetectable by the instruments of science - is soon noted by the locals.

Put it this way - Earth didn’t used to have a continent called Mu.

you will find dragons of all varieties. And unicorns. And lizard people. And the EM Drive factory - now abandoned and the residence of
vampires and ghouls.

Nobody goes to Mu. Not twice, anyway.

there’s also the disturbing fact that Australian archeologists have unearthed evidence that the EM Drive had been previously attempted by
the natives. Which would explain a hell of a lot about Australia.

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