Challenge #00677 - A312: Loud Shy

They had never expected to be able to describe someone speaking as booming hesitantly, but that’s exactly what it sounded like.

The Ambassador for Gargantua was large, even for large cogniscents. He could easily intimidate a terran bear. He was all muscle and looked like he could conquer the universe.

And he was about to make his introductory speech.

“Er…” he boomed. “My name… is… Um. Grigri. Yes. Uh. I… was… an asteroid herder. I’m… very new… to. Uhm. Public speaking…”

Shayde watched as he fumbled his painful way through talking about Gargantua and what it needed in a loud, clear voice. Every ‘um’, 'er’ and painful pause. She leaned over to Rael. “Puir lamb…”

“Don’t help him,” Rael muttered.

“Aw but the puir wee thing needs a hug.”

“No. Let him speak. If you must help, applaud loudly.” He apparently thought about this and added, “After his speech.”

Shayde sighed and put on a Face. It was one of the ones she’d used to use when pretending Hackmeyer was saying something relevant. Though in the case of this Ambassador… she added a warm smile.

And when he was done, she added a little volume to the warm reception from the audience. He slunk into a desk next to her and blushed up a storm.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Ye did well.”


That was when she discovered that he had volume control issues.

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