Challenge #00436 - A062: Humans!

If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not a stupid idea.


I don’t care if it worked, that was still a stupid idea.

Ax'and'l glared at them. Taking up space. They had been taking up space in Hwell’s quarters, but everywhere they went… Hwell just had to trot a few out into the open and try to sell them off.

“When are we going to get rid of those horrendous–”

“Don'tsayitoutloud, theycanunderstandGalstand,” Hwell rattled through gritted teeth. “Ifyousayitoutloud, nobodywillbuythem.”

Ah. so he was actively trying to sell them and Ax'and'l pointing out the truth had been souring their profits.

“Let me guess. You have one of your human plans.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“All your plans are mind-bogglingly stupid.”

“If it’s a stupid plan and it works, then it isn’t a stupid plan.”


“Love gloves.”


“Grooming aids.”


“You sold sex aids from one species as grooming aids for another.”

“And as an interesting cooking tool to the Gyiiks.”

They were gone from his life. The original cardboard packaging recycled for their component atoms. Conspicuous by their absence. And yet…

“I don’t care if your plan worked. It was still a stupid idea.”

Hwell just blew him a friendly raspberry.

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