Challenge #00384 - A019: Seriously?

a particularly nasty paradox tangle involving one monstrous salamander, sixteen copies of a popular children’s book, and a length of lead pipe”

“No. I heard it was Kudzu, unrestrained cheese and a goldfish.”

“No way. It was mouldy bread, a pile of newsprint and a tribe of cusp-cogniscent mice.”

“I swear it was the one about the hippopotamus, the hedge and the piano.”

“I thought it was just a blockage in a waste management system that got out of hand.”

The semi-coherent argument ground to a halt. “Seriously?”

“Really, Toni?”

That’s the one you go for?”

Toni stared blearily at the rest over the foam in the mug of intoxicant. “What? What’d I do?”

“Nobody knows how the Glunge really happened.”

“Yeah, we’re supposed to be coming up with wild theories.”

“Not Occam’s Razor.”

“Uhm…” Toni tried again. “Humans did it? With… a temporal paradox, a gengineered food plant… and… uh… an echidna.”


Lyr shook her head. Bar games amongst mining crews got weirder every year.

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