Catching up... slow style

You know, it's a good thing I was thirteen weeks ahead on writing Clockwork Souls [because shiny plotbunny] because it means I can pull shit like:

  • Devote my work hours to the book that should be finished already
  • Let the book I'm already working on go hang, and thus
  • Let my poor, flaring wrists fucking heal for a change.

I'm never letting this happen again, by the way. The instant a novel is finished, a raw copy goes onto my Drobo. Y'know. Since Google Drive and assorted other softwares including Stackedit irrevocably ate some.

I have 115K out of 120K done of this novel, so it will take me the better part of two weeks to get that noise over with. And so I don't stress myself out about word count quotas, the latter half of the second week shall be devoted to...



You knew it. I know you knew it. Yes, dear readers, I shall be plunging myself wholesale into working on Babes in the Woods and if I finish that inside of two weeks, work will resume on When We Were Us.

I shall not be attempting to cram novels, and thuswise hurting myself and impoverishing my dear, dear readers of the works of my bizarre brain case.

TL;DR - Normal services will resume shortly, following a rescheduling crisis. We apologise for the inconvenience.