Broken week

Public holidays that are separated from weekends are a pain in the butt. You get the weekend vibe from the day itself, and the next day is molasses to begin.

Chaos assumed that she had another holiday, today. It took a few goes to get her moving, today. It took a while to get me moving, today.

Pros: We have a new water filter
Cons: I reckon the water coming out of it tastes like the malformed nightmare child of Menthol and Spearmint.
Also Cons: Nobody else in my family can taste it.

So I'm on the search for a carb-less, sugar-free cordial that I can (a) tolerate, and (b) use to cover the nightmare water taste. Any and all recommendations welcome.

Today, I go back to my boring business of writing, writing, and more writing. I shall endeavour to cease bitching about my income. I know I'm not a big earner. Not yet. With some good luck, I should have that circumstance change in the foreseeable future.

...but I'm not the world's luckiest person.

We'll see.

I should have the e-book version of KFZ out on Smash sometime this weekend, mytime. I just need to be certain of the file translation protocol so y'all get the best possible product that I can give.

I also have to get some stuff to make a nice, slow-cooker stew. That will happen after I'm done with today's Instant.

Which I should really get on with.