Brace yourselves

I finally finished 2015's year of Instants [now currently in the editing stage, coming out soon to a Smashwords near you] and I begin on this year's Leap Year of Instants because it's a leap year this year.

Which means a whole new brace of serial numbers and some confusion to new readers. It's OK. The numbering system is mostly for me. And they're a fairly unique identifier so there's no such thing as two stories with the same title and number.

Iris and Peter will be coming to a close, soon. I'll have a final "the fun I had writing this" kind of post when it's done. And thanking my loyal readers for putting up with it.

Should I add a link to the first chapter in the menu? Should I add chapter skips to the bottom of each chapter? You can still have your say about that.

I'll probably do it anyway, but it'd be nice to get some feedback.

Today is the actual first day of school. We had a nice long weekend to celebrate the day that Captain Cook fucked things up for everyone already living here, and commencing a long and proud history of racism and casual genocide.

Cynical? Moi? Of fucking course I am. We should at least be paying reparations to the survivors, but the likelyhood of that happening is up there with Satan driving to work on a snowplough.

BUT you didn't come here for my political views. I'll get on with the story.