Big day ahead

I have to get a lot of money out of the bank, this morning, because today is the day of a four-hour clean with my distractible self helping everyone out. That's part of the deal.

So, if today's story is late, please forgive me. I'm being knocked onto my arse by more cleaning than I have the spoons for.

I will try to slot it in, but 'try' is not 'succeed'.

And then I have to do 1000 words whenever there's the time for that noise, and work a little bit more on shot #4 of SESP.

Things I have learned how to do on Adobe Animate:

  • Movie objects where I can loop things that I want looped
  • Making those movie objects part of a larger movie object
  • Inserting larger movie object into overall project as one layer instead of a laggy 1500 layers1
  • How to tweak tween paths so it all looks good.

Now I have to remember that noise for the two weeks that it's going to take me to draw the next shot.

BUT... in the process of trying to make the thing work before I learned all that... I was tearing my hair out with frustration because my poor compy was wheezing to process everything.

So I've started today on an exhausted handicap. Whee fun.

  1. Hyperbole. It's closer to 20.