Beside Myself.

Jamie’s powers as Multiple - good for pranks and antics and such at his age, but he is, in the end, just a little kid.  What if one of the other Xavier Institute kids somehow wound up with his self-duplication abilities for a day or so, how might they (ab)use it?  (How would this occur? I dunno, some weird mishap with Rogue or something, maybe.  I’ll leave details up to you.)


“Make her stop! Make her sto-ho-ho-op!”

“I ain’t got nuthin’,” said Todd.

“Now three of me now four of me,” some of the Saras sang, “Whoops! And more of me!”

Five were juggling Forge’s creations around and seven were simul-cleaning in a way that bought new horror to the phrase ‘cleanup fairy’. One was editing the math currently on Forge’s big board.

“You know,” said one scrubbing the ceiling. “For such a genius, you certainly have astonishingly large holes in your field of expertise.”

“All you’ gotta do is reverse the experiment, yo.”

“But I can’t figure out how,” Forge wailed.

“Then you gotta put up with all o’ her helpin’ you,” Todd shrugged.

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