Back to School!

My little darlings are off to their respective educational bastions. Though Mayhem is going without his mandatory laptop, because apparently, Overwatch and YouTube is way more important than being ready for school. Hopefully, he's motivated enough to actually set it up, tonight.

I'm still betting he'll just leave it all week and get the chewing-out of a lifetime come the weekend.

Meanwhile, Miss Chaos has curly-ish hair. The gene that missed MeMum and I has landed on my littlest darling and she now has soft curls when allowed to naturally dry. Alas, this makes critter-hunting even more troublesome. We've taken to straightening it out with a hair iron in order to cook the little nastards.

And, yes, I'm using a mix of tea-tree oil and hair conditioner [1:1 mix] diluted in a spritzer bottle to get rid of the vermin.

We were using a rub-in chemical insecticide, but it was poisoning us, so back to the old reliable we go.

Beloved and I are doing each other's hair. We're dying our summer stubble BRIGHT DAMN PINK. Not for profit. Not for any charity benefit. For the looks we're going to get the next time we wander through a public place.

That's fun.

Our heads are soaking in a two-part bleach we got at Priceline and promises to be loads cheaper than going to the hairdressers' each time we want a different LIVE colour in our hair.

Once, of course, I learn how to bleach someone else's head properly. I had to do another round in patches of Beloved's hair, and now they're suffering. Poor darling.

More motivation for me to get it right next time.

And speaking of motivation... I've been forgetting to hit 'publish now' on some of my entries, lately. I have to keep an audience, so I have to make sure things are published. It's not as easy as you might think.

My life has been more than a little chaotic, lately, and I need to get a new rhythm down. That takes time. And the same thing needing to happen at the same time -more or less- every day.

Until that actually happens, Things are going to go sideways.

BUT - that said... today, I got the kids dressed, I got their lunchboxes full [Omelettes and snacks and water bottles, oh my]. And got a majority of their stuff together for the necessities. Huzzah.

And all nearly on time. That's pretty awesome for a disorganised soul like myself.

And sometime next week, I toddle down to MeMum's and talk diet with her doctor. Hopefully to lay my concerns to rest about that, and some other side-issues that are niggling at my back-brain.

But for today... I get on with the regular stuff. Out of order. Until I find a new order.