At the Closing of the Year

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I'm going to be four days behind being in sync with this year for my Year of Instants. Four double prompts should take care of that. Hint, hint, cough, cough.

If I get more than that, I'll be prepared for the next time something fucks up and prevents me from doing my thing.

The new years' resolutions are more or less the same:

  • Keep writing
  • Finish what I started

That's pretty much it. Simple resolutions for a simple soul. And the second one will be the hardest to keep. I have an animatic to get done, and an album to get out under the name of Elipsis Addiction. Stuff that should happen in the cool of the day during Summer.

Mayhem needs to get an evening job. He's big enough and smart enough to start contributing to the family. I've told him that I'll only need ten percent off his paycheque and the rest of it is his to spend as he whist. Or save to invest in a thing.

My boy's growing up. His future is in his hands. Which means me stepping back and letting him make his own fuckups.

And speaking of fuckups... I'm starting to think I should start over the Sleep Evil Sleep Project properly and do actual scenes within Flash. And possibly research giving it a proper aspect ratio.

I dunno. Maybe I should work out the current kink in the project first. But probably not tonight.

Tonight is ringing in the new year. Saying farewell to old demons and preparing to fight off the new ones.

When I can stay up past midnight, which I try to do at this time, I sing Auld Lang Syne to the dark of the neighbourhood. It's a thing I do. Not that it's done anyone any good. I just like to do it.