Another Thursday

Cleaning day has moved to today. All well and good because Friday mornings are now spent ferrying Mayhem to his traineeship.

I'm slightly concerned because he has assignments from two angles now and he's sitting around and playing Factorio. He should be planning. Budgetting his time. But no. He's focussed on fun.

The more I get on his case, the less inclined he is going to be to firkin do the thing. I just have to gently remind him that all projects are easier with loads of effort in the beginning and the tapering off happens naturally.

He never firkin listens to me, even though he knows I'm right about this sort of shit.

It's infuriating.

I'm scary accurate about loads of things. But every single time I try to warn, I try to head off trouble at the past... I'm dismissed as a Nervous Nellie. And when the thing happens, who gets the blame for not warning them enough?


Muggins Me.

At least my Beloved has learned to address my concerns on this count. The others are very slow at catching up.