An early start

Beloved and I got woken up by heavy rains. A good soaking will help the plants grow and the local wildlife stay hydrated. This is a good thing, but we need it to not flood.

I saw the beginnings of a conspiracy video concerning weather control, and it was all "this is the thing" and zero proof, but the person who shared it with Steemit seemed to think that these rain machines were why Australia's on fire now.

There was no walkthrough of the machine in operation. No demonstrations. No announcements of "we're using this thing here and now to bring rain to X". None of that. Just a voice pointing to satellite pictures of clouds forming and inconsistently pointing to bits of cloud and saying "This is clearly where the cloud boat is".

Zero proof.

Zero understanding of meteorology, trade winds, or anything of the like. Just, "cloud machines are destroying the global climate!" Bluh. Proof or GTFO.

I'm going to have a go at my 750 words, but if that doesn't work out, I'm going to have another try at sleep. See how that works out.

Either way, you may not be able to tell by when the daily tale comes out.