Sundays and Tuesdays are Beloved's days off from April to just after November [long story]. So those are the days that Beloved and I have our little adventures.

For example: Last Tuesday, Beloved took us all on a budget-busting trip to Costco in an effort to save us some money in the long term. Short term? Not so much.

Today, I have actually found a factory outlet place that is not located in the extreme back of Burke or another state or like, two days' travel away... and I'm taking Beloved there with a set budget of $100 only. Because that's pretty much all we have to spare on a place that's like a dollar shop for food.

And then I still have to go to an actual dollar shop so I have supplies to finish Chaos' Halloween outfit. Little Darling wants to be a Lego Warrior. Replete with decapitated Lego Head helmet.

She's a kid after my own heart.

And as reigning local monarch of Dollar Shop Costumery, I have loads of stuff that I need. Except ribbon and duct tape. You know. Costuming essentials.

To the kind people who gave me money: It finally came through to my firkin bank... and I put it in the main account that Beloved and I share because $30 makes great emergency cash.

We only have a few more days until payday, but you never know how life's going to shit on you until you're neck deep in turds.

Thank you.