To market, to market, almost too late.

The thing about markets is, they have what you might call weird hours. You have to get there early to get the good stuff. We arrived maybe half an hour before they were due to close, so we had just enough time to noodle around everywhere and see what was what.

I can get pure cotton clothes that come in sizes for Real People(tm). Huzzah. As long as I don't mind them in neo-hippie mottlings and tie-dyes. Good thing I have a hippie soul, then.

Not that we were shopping for clothes. We were after some organic produce of the vegetable variety. And some of the strange and unusual that you can't ordinarily get at Dickson's. Like Celeriac.

Yes. I know it sounds like a disease. You're thinking of Celiac, which is a general allergy to wheat and wheat byproducts, and lots of things with gluten in them. They're one of the very many people who get helped a great deal by LCHF diets, by the way.

Celeriac is actually celery root. Well. Sort of. You don't get celeriac off of the celery plant we know today. Selective breeding has futzed with the original plant and made two species. One's our celery, and the other is celeriac. And it's the Low Carb version of the potato.

For those who miss deep fried chips, celeriac is your pal. Most of the potato and rice recipes from "normal" life get replaced with cauliflower, but if you really miss potatoes, go hunting for celeriac.

We got two of them. The last in the markets. They still need to get put away, but they can bide for now. And with the Queensland mackerel we also scored today, we could plausibly have ourselves some lo-carb fish and chips.

Time will tell.

I've learned that wandering markets and shopping malls really drains me. Physically. I've yet to get most of my stamina up, or the fact that 90% of what's there, I either can't afford or can't have. Either way, it wears me out.

And one of the first things I do when we're done wandering and seeking, is to have a good lie down. Which leads to a napnap. Which leads to late dinner.

I need to get used to a lot of things.