A small dilemma (and an ask)

Firstly, apologies to everyone who’s been expecting a thing a day. I’ve been busy with pestillence, family and (again) waiting for someone who could help me to get their finger out of the metaphorical divot.

All my loyal readers will know I’m on Smashwords now and have my first work allegedly up and multi-compatible.

C'mon. Buy the dang thing. It’s only two freaking dollars. I need the money.


Anyway. I have three other short tales ready to rock [except one, more on this later] and I would like to ask you a few things:

1) Which of my other tales would you like to see in a professional package first?

2) What sort of publishing schedule should I try for?

3) How in the hell can I do a decent cover for my re-imagining of Puss in Boots?